In 1990, Madonna released her iconic song, ‘Vogue,’ encouraging her fans to strike a pose and be confident just like the celebrities that grace the cover of the coveted magazine.

Now, nearly 30 years later, the singer finds herself on the glossy pages of Vogue Italia. While its not her first Vogue cover (she’s been featured on the front page plenty of times before) it certainly is one of her best. Why? The photographs are rugged but delicate, natural but chic – in stark juxtaposition to her normal image.

Of course, these editorial images are far from outfits you may see Madonna wearing on a regular day but we can still admire the fashionable beauty and hats, right?

On the Cover

Madonna, being the glamourous pop queen that she is, was lucky enough to score two different covers for the August issue.

One cover features the singer giving a cold shoulder to the camera with her gaze focused upward. The black and white filter is the perfect way to show off her black felt Saint Laurent hat. Although only the brim is visible, the hat highlights her profile exquisitely, ultimately making for a very dramatic image.

The second cover features the same Saint Laurent hat, but in a very different way. Here, we see Madonna sprawled on a grassy green landscape wearing nothing but black. Her hand gently clasps the hat, allowing us to see more of the accessory’s detail. It is given some depth with the addition of a leather ribbon trimming.

Inside the Story

In the spread, Madonna wore a few more brimmed hats. 

Madonna - Vogue Italia

Wearing another Saint Laurent hat, the singer was photographed inside a private house in Lisbon. This hat, although designed by the same fashion house as the cover hat, was more dramatic. Featuring an aggressive, asymmetrical upward brim and red leather ribbon, the shape of the hat matched Madonna’s fierce stare.

Madonna in Vogue Italia

Milan-based milliner Federica Moretti’s work made it onto the singer’s head and into the pages of Vogue. While not much of the hat is shown, the photograph would feel incomplete without it. The hat is placed on the back of her head, allowing the brim to surround and frame Madonna’s face.

Another photo also features a mini-sombrero style hat by Russian hat designer Ruslan Baginskiy. At first glance, one may think Madonna’s bright blue chiffon dress dominates the image. However, look closer and you’ll see the black hat dressed up with white text and red designs.

Without these hats, the photographs would be missing something. The hats complete each look and add an editorial edge to the photos. They prove the power of a hat. How will you use a hat to make a statement with your next outfit?

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