Ani Stafford-Townsend – United Kingdom

Electric Storm

Category: Modern


Inspired by the electrical fusion in a storm, this headpiece has been created using thermoplastics, fibre optics and reclaimed aerial fuse wire. Wires whip into the shape of a whirlwind, and with the flick of a switch lightning crackles.

Fibre optics cabling carries the light of a LED hidden within the headpiece, to transmit sparkling pops of light within the copper mesh.


  • Foss shape
  • millinery wire
  • aerial wire
  • copper wire
  • fibre optic cable
  • acrylic spray
  • comb
  • LED
  • electrical circuit
  • batteries (not included- jokes…I’ll get my hat…)


  • hand blocking of foss shape
  • wire working
  • pliers
  • millinery block
  • electrical circuit building and cabling

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