Araceli Sancho – Spain

Melted crystal

Category: Modern


I’ve played with two meanings of the word fusion. On one hand by putting different things together using plastic hamma beads as an unusual millinery material but aiming to make a quite classical headpiece. On the other hand I interpreted the Word fusion as ” the process of causing a material or object to melt with intense heat so as to join with another ” because this is exactly the way the piece was made.


  • Hamma beads
  • crystal beads
  • wire
  • foil
  • metallic paint
  • headband


  • I melted hamma beads first in the oven in order to get a joined body.
  • Later I blocked it putting crystals beads on it while still hot being helped by hot gun.
  • I soldered wire shaping a bow and covered it with several foil slices, pressing and shaping them.
  • Then I painted it with metallic ferro paint.
  • Finally I covered a metallic headband with tulle and attached it to the piece.


  • Oven
  • hot gun
  • paint
  • blocks
  • alkyl

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