Araceli Sancho – Spain


Category: Traditional


This piece wants to talk about human fusion. Fusion between orient and occident, between classical and modern, between male and female. All as a part of a bigger thing HUMANITY. The piece is formed out of many simbolic parts. A bowler, a japanese bun with ornaments, a modernlooking ball that it is also a vase with computer keys for a modern classical orchid made with a can of Coke, a tradicional haircomb with a QR on it. A label with instructions to look after all, and a veil which is female and male at the same time.


  • Fur Felt
  • sinamay
  • buckram
  • silk abaca
  • leather
  • parasisal
  • alluminium
  • plastic
  • wire
  • feathers
  • gros grain
  • cold porcelain
  • hot fix beads


  • I blocked three different pieces. A fur Felt ” bowler “, a buckram doughnout and a sinamay and leather Ball.
  • Sew all them, covering the buckram with silk abaca and the top part of the bowler with leather.
  • I cut the alluminium and plastic to form an orchid attached to a spring wire.
  • I also made the sprouts and other flower parts with cold porcelain and painted them.
  • I made a Hole in the sinamay Ball to put the eyelet.
  • I put the computer keys inside the Ball and added the hot fix beads all over the edge.
  • I added a plastified QR code to the haircomb and sew it.
  • I drew the back label on srink plastic and sew it.

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