Chloe Haywood – United Kingdom

Aquatic (Liquid Collection)

Category: Traditional


This design is a fusion and synthesis of curls and twists. The collection Liquid (from which this design comes from) tells the different stories of water and how our waters are being littered with single use plastics.

This hat was inspired by the beauty and colour of the aquatic ocean, and to highlight the loss of the marine eco system if we continue to kill our beautiful waters.

I have included some vinyl tape in the top of the design (the sort you get wrapped around cardboard boxes) which the fish skin is tightly wrapped around. The body of the design echoing the shells of the ocean. A fusion of fish, shells and sea, with deadly plastic hidden within.


  • Vintage parasisal
  • fish leather (bi-product)
  • wire
  • ribbon
  • vinyl tape (upcycled)


  • Blocking
  • hand stitching
  • steaming
  • the coloured loops at the top of the design are made from (bi-product) fish leather wrapped around upcycled parcel vinyl tape

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