Laia Molina Tarruella – Spain

Començament (starting again)

Category: Modern


There is a lot FUSION point of views in my headpiece…

“PAST & PRESENT”: my past as a dressmaker and the way I want to live now as a milliner.

“CITY” with the “rude” materials looking so industrial as  grey cement in a  dark rainny day against the “NATURE”, with the colorful flowers and organic elements. These two worlds are in me and I love them.

MY PASSIONS: two of my passions are sewing and working with my hands and the photography that I know I have in my dna and I want to improve and work about that… and colaborate with some others photographers as well.

All these elements together is a mix to express a real statement of intents about I want to live and create from now. A re-start. “Començar de nou” we say in catalan.


  • Leather
  • silk
  • modeling clay
  • colored sand for crafts
  • preserved flowers
  • alcohol
  • feathers
  • sinamay
  • own picture from St. James Park (London)
  • textile transfer medium
  • trimmings
  • sewing thread
  • glue
  • yuhu
  • hot glue
  • satin water-based varnish


  • Photography
  • modeling
  • Cooking
  • sewing
  • gluing


  • Hands
  • oven
  • thread and needle
  • little pliers
  • scissors
  • brushes
  • reflex camera
  • laptop
  • Photoshop
  • printer

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