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This design emerged from a problem a client had of 2 weddings one day after the other,one set of accessories but different outfits.So I came up with a 2 in one design with the original design and an add-on part that would make the original transform into a different shape,size and different layout of colours while staying colour co-ordinated with the dresses.With the Fusion of the add-on part to the original base design,I thought it apt for entry here, while using totally traditional hand made techniques and materials it has a modern approach that could be expanded on for the fascinator market,this I will be trying to bring to market soon and winning a prize for it would help greatly.I do hope you like my design and idea?


  • Sinamay stiffened
  • Jacquard acid dye
  • Millinery wire
  • Crinoline
  • Thread poly cotton
  • Curled ostrich spine


  • Sinamay dyed- large pot,water,vinegar and acid dyes mixed to colour
  • Blocking of two different coloured bases- wooden button block,water,stiffnerand pins
  • Wiring hand sewn wiring stich-ferrule,marker pen,cutters
  • Sinamay bias edging-iron and water spray
  • Ostrich spine dyed-curled with steamer and rolling pin
  • Crinoline 15 cm x2 m wide-gathered,twisted and sewn to bases

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