Lisa McFadden – United States

The Rose

Category: Traditional


The Rose embodies fusion in the following ways:
1. Fusion of the contemporary style lines: saucer brim and mushroom cap crown.
2. Fusion of hat making styles and techniques: blocking, pattern making, wire, and hand stitching
3. Fusion of fabric qualities to create an interesting surprise under the surface of the brim.


  • Rose motif appliqued silk
  • Red silk faille
  • Black silk organza
  • Buckram
  • Wire
  • Bias ribbon
  • Grosgrain ribbon
  • Elastic band


  • This two piece hat was cut and sewn by hand with straight needles.
  • The mushroom cap crown was blocked and covered with fabric.
  • I then created the brim pattern and built it with a wire frame.
  • I lined the belly of the brim first with the faille and then added a layer of equally distributed shirred organza.
  • The edge was clean finished with a bias ribbon.
  • I used 1.25″ grosgrain ribbon to finish the crown opening.

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