Lucy Bowler – United Kingdom


Category: Traditional


My piece is inspired by the subject of circus, in particular – The Gifford Circus.

The focus being the movement, colour created with costume / moving costume of the performers coupled with the life of a circus performer and the juxter position this creates.

I have used two distinct colours to illustrate the stage side to the performer and the personal side to the performer, these are historically fused together by the very nature of the lifestyle of a creative performer and this along with other artists lifestyles has always intregued me.

I have approached the design of this piece with initial drawings made in response to watching an acrobats/dancers performance along with listening to the fabulous live jazz music which made the moment so very atmospheric.

I have submitted my line drawings so you can see the challenge I faced when perfecting these simple but clean lines with the sinamy, aiming to let the the lines and fusion of colour speak for themselves.

This years fashion season is also focusing on colour blocking, this was also in mind when thinking of “fusion” – how to bring a performing travellers lifestyle together with a statement piece fit for an event.

This “fusion” piece is designed to quite literally be a show stopper.


  • Paper & sketch materials
  • Sinamay
  • Wire
  • Thread
  • Crown block


  • Blocked crown
  • Free form trim

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