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I see fusion in more ways than one in “Shoreline”. To begin with I decided to use the two materials felt and organdie to let the heavier felt fabric and the lighter, transparent organdie intertwine with each other. This gives the impression of them merging, while there is still some contrast in there. I wanted to create a sculptural abstract piece with these fabrics and used a simple button shape to let the trimmings become the main part that both flows over and origins from the felt button.

I also used fusion as an inspiration for the color shades – creating an ombre effect of glistening turquoise that evolves into this deep and dark petrol blue.

But fusion is also where the main source of inspiration of this piece comes from – that space where land meets sea, which is why it is called “Shoreline”. The pleated organdie gives both a shell and floral like impression and twisted together it creates an image of rolling waves and ripples of sand. The felt feathers can also be seen as leaves, again a piece of that space where it’s not defined what comes from the sea and what is a part of land.


  • Rabbit Fur Felt Hood (petrol blue)
  • Felt Stiffener
  • Swiss Cotton Organdie fabric
  • Dylon Textile Colors
  • Grosgrain Ribbon (petrol blue)
  • Polyester Thread.


  • The felt has been blocked with a button shaped hat block, 16 cm in diameter, and coated with felt stiffener. The organdie fabric has been cut diagonally into two 10 inches wide strips which has been rolled up and dip dyed by hand to create an ombre effect from the shade of lighter turquoise to petrol blue (matching the color of the felt).
  • I have then hand pleated the organdie by pressing and ironing and hand rolling the longest sides of the fabric strips. There are also four felt “feathers” on the hat that are hand cut from left over material of the felt fabric.
  • The organdie fabric has been twisted and draped over the felt button shape and mixed with the felt feather details – all has been hand sewn into place.
  • Inside/underside of hat is lined with grosgrain ribbon, sewn by hand.

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