Paul Ventress – United Kingdom

Captain Jack Sparrow inspired leather fedora

Category: Traditional


This hat incorporates fusion in many ways. The immediate and obvious example is the fusion of the material and finish of the famous captain jack sparrow tricorn hat with the more modern style of the fedora hat. Also it mixes the classic fedora shape with the recent trend of pre-distressed clothing giving an aged look.

Leather hats are rarely made using blocks, especially the crown as its extremely difficult to block the material in to shape so I wanted to bring together the material with the technique of blocking a crown from a single piece of material rather than sewing pattern pieces together.


  • Leather
  • Petersham ribbon


  • Hand blocked leather crown made from a single piece of leather with no seems or joins.
  • Hand blocked leather brim, made by bonding 2 layers of 0.5mm thick leather back to back so both sides of the brim are the smooth side of the leather.
  • Custom dyed leather (by myself ) and aged and distressed by hand.
  • Machine sewn petersham ribbon brim binding. Ribbon shaped on a ribbon board.
  • Hand sewn leather sweatband
  • Hand sewn petersham hat band and bow.

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