Sandy Aslett – Australia

Cosmic Concertina

Category: Modern


This state of the art headpiece has been gilded, pleated concertina circles and feathered to form a voguish interpretation of an age old squeezebox.

The delicate bellows formation of waxed paper trimmed in gold with hand cut and shaped feather highlights and pearl beaded eyes presents as a futuristic and edgy design with a hint of the past.


  • Origami waxed paper
  • Gilding
  • Feathers
  • Satin covered headband
  • Millinery wire base
  • Parisisal straw
  • Beads for eyes


  • Origami waxed paper, gilded, scoring tool for folding & pleating
  • Score and pleat concertina bellow circles, one small and one large
  • Feathers cut curled and shaped
  • Feathers coloured matched to gilding
  • Millinery Wire, pliers, cutting pliers
  • Scissors, thread, needle, thimble
  • Headband -design wire & cover with parisisial which is placed on a satin covered headband to fit on any headshape
  • Pearls as eyes
  • Place large pleated concertina circles on base then add one small on front making sure all the folded pleating matches and fits in proportion, add pearls for eyes and feathers as a trim

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