Sarah Macgregor-Norrie – United Kingdom

Midnight in Eden

Category: Traditional


My piece ‘Midnight in Eden’ interprets the theme Fusion as it is inspired by creation and fertilisation- the action or process of combining things to bring something into existence.

In this particular piece – Pollination.

I have always found it a great source of fascination that many plants and flowers depend on a different species, namely bees and other insects in order to reproduce. Nature has engineered them in such a way as to make them utterly and irresistibly attractive to their quarry. They seduce insects with their gorgeously shaped and coloured blooms, enticing and intoxicating scent and sweet, delicious nectar- bewitching all the senses.

What insect could resist?

Thus, the bees and Insects transfer the pollen from the anther to the stigma and cross pollination occurs, ensuring the continuation of the life of the plant.
In my design, a bough heavily laden with midnight blue silk roses, of varying size arcs gracefully over a classic, hand blocked, domed navy blue felt pill box. Burnt and curled navy peacock feathers add height, harmony and balance. Whilst, intricate die cut navy felt, hand beaded and embroidered foliage, drape elegantly down over the hat base. Adding to the illusion that the flowers are floating above the base of the hat.

Bejewelled Bee’s, captivated by the beautiful blooms nestle amongst the flowers, drinking their fill.

‘Midnight In Eden’ is a celebration of the voluptuousness, beauty and fertility of the garden of Eden, the dark and mysterious blue colour of the piece is to represent the underlying darker themes of desire and seduction.


  • Midnight blue stiffened raw silk
  • Navy blue felt hood
  • Dark blue velvet ribbon
  • Navy thread
  • Millinery wire,(Black)
  • Floristry wire
  • Floristry tape, (Black)
  • Burnt and curled peacock feathers (Midnight blue)
  • Navy blue ostrich feathers
  • Navy blue floristry stamen
  • Beading Wire
  • Midnight, cut glass, briolette beads
  • Black jet bugle beads
  • Fabric glue
  • Fabric stiffener
  • Felt stiffener
  • Bejewelled Bee Broaches (removable)


  • Hand made silk flower making – Tools: Assorted flower making tools, balls, knives and a rats tail hook; scissors; hot plate and Cotton covered sponge.
  • Flower composition – Tools: Floristry wire, Floristry tape, fabric glue, feathers & beads.
  • Hand blocked felt pill box – Tools: Wooden block, cling film, fabric stiffener and felt stiffener; blocking pins; scissors and steamer.
  • Die cutting – Tools: foliage die; sissix die cutter; felt stiffener.
  • Hand beading and embroidery – Tools: Beading needle, embroidery thread, Floristry wire and tape.

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