Sonja Woehrenschimmel-Wahl – Austria

Black Forest Witch

Category: Traditional


Black Forest Witch is a fusion between nature, modern fashion and human handcraft. But nature here has nothing to do with a light spring day and cute birds singing, it is dark. Standing in the middle of a forest where no sunlight can come through. There at the darkest place you find this fascinator on a bed of moss and when you put it on you can understand the humming of the trees and the wispering of the animals. And while you take a deep breath, silently a black bird is landing on your shoulder. You connect and become a part of the forest. A forest which protects every creature. You find peace at this place. Peace and understanding. The Black Forest Witch is part of the nature.

I used fetish black leather, folded it and draped it, combining black feathers and a greenish feather with mountain pine needles. The shape is inspired by a bird wing.This fascinator is deep and powerful, a talisman and translator. I was inspired by the idea of fusioning a modern approach to hat fashion to old, deep knowledge of shamanism and nature. A strong and focused shape, mainly black. Fusion between now and ancient cultures, nature and human craftmanship. The Black Forest Witch is a child of our days. She loves nordic nature, forests and parties with soft light and electronic music.


  • leather
  • feathers
  • fabric for hatbase
  • mountain pine needles


  • sewing
  • draping
  • sewing machine
  • needle
  • glue

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