Catharina Carlsson

/Catharina Carlsson

Catharina Carlsson

Catharina Carlsson – Sweden

The balancing act


One of my greatest inspirations, nature, balances on a thin line. When its smallest components are at risk, we who are higher up in the food chain are dangerously close to disaster. Something we might close our eyes for. I know I often do. On my hat, an enlarged insect tries to find the equilibrium on the brim and I hope we humans try to do the same in nature.


  • Straw braid
  • Sinamay
  • Lace
  • Wire
  • Sequins and beads
  • Silk fabric
  • Felt
  • Organza
  • Thread


  • Strawbraid sewed and blocked by hand
  • Blocked sinamay
  • Made pattern and machine embroidered wings
  • Assembled insect and embroidered with beads and sequins
  • Sew on cut pieces of lace
  • Made pattern for flowers and laser cut them
  • Shaped and sew on flowers

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