All eyes were turned towards Paris last week for Haute Couture Fashion Week, which showcases the top Fashion Houses’ haute couture collections for the 2019 Spring/Summer 2019 season. Among the elegance, extravagance and excitement of the start of fashion season came a new collection by renowned designer Giorgio Armani. Shades of red, blue, purple and black hit the runway in a private, intimate setting – with the front row so close guests could practically touch the fabrics as they glided by.

The title of the show, Lacquer, had two meanings. It represented not only the liquid shine on many of the outfits but also the form fitting shape of majority of the clothes. It was almost as if the designs were just painted on.

And while the dresses and suits were tight and delicate, the hats provided the collection with more dimension. From miniature conicals to fringed flapper caps, Armani’s latest collection did not disappoint.

Conicals and Crin

Armani Prive - Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week 2019. Vogue

Have you ever paired a cone shaped hat with a stiff crin veil? Well, Armani decided it was the perfect combination and we do not disagree.

There are two important elements to this design that make it fit seamlessly into the collection. First, the size of the hat. Each piece is just large enough to make a statement, but still small enough to be no more than an accessory. Second, the placement of each piece on each model is sophisticated and chic. The hat firmly rests on the side of the head so the sheer veil barely covers the eyes.

Flapper Caps and Fringes

While some models showed off the conicals, others walked the runway with tight flapper caps on. The caps, which featured intricate beading, fit like wigs, making it seem like the models had traded hair for fashion.

The fringe on the caps provided a beautiful frame for each model’s face and the colors popped much more than natural hair would. For Armani, it’s all about the outfits and what he can do to make each look stand out. A beaded cap is the ultimate answer.

As fashion month continues, we hope to see more hats star on the runway. Will miniature pieces dominate or will designers exchange models’ shimmering, luscious locks for heavy, colorful caps? Either way, hats are almost always the perfect accessory.

Don’t believe us? Just ask Mr. Armani.

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