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Download Issue 157

2019 HATalk Competition: Meet the five talented winners.

Racing Fashion: Rachel Oakes’ award-winning Cheltenham ensemble.

Hat of the Month: A Glamour Project hat by Marilyn Feldman.

How to Make a Hat Shaped Hatpin: Recreate an Edwardian hatpin with Lynn McMaster’s step-by-step tutorial.

Download Issue 156

Stepping into the Past: Michael Hayle’s memories of the final days at Christys’ Hat Works in Stockport.

Hat of the Month: A sinamay and silk abaca saucer by Joan Walker.

Leather Camellia Tutorial: A step-by-step guide from Galina Kofod.

Supplier Spotlight: A brief history of Dutch millinery supplier Plooij Hats and Materials.

Download Issue 155

Talking Hats with Amy Fowler: An interview with the American milliner and owner of Humboldt Haberdashery.

Curled Feather Peony Tutorial: Step-by-step instructions for making a curled goose feather flower.

Hat of the Month: A wired wedding headpiece by Kristi Hilton Pickup, the HARROGATE HATTER.

Hats as Art: Annette Sedin exhibits in Sweden.

Thermoplastic glue information.

Download Issue 154

Saint Catherine’s Day 2018: Millinery celebrations around the world.

Hat of the Month: A silk turban by Dutch milliner Joke Velema.

Hattember: A look at the winners of the new Australian hat making competition.

Make a Biot Bird: A feather trim tutorial by Lynn McMasters.

2019 Pantone Color of the Year.

Download Issue 153

Hat Shop Madison: An interview with Monika Stebbins, owner of New Jersey’s Hat Shop Madison.

Hat of the Month: A handmade shot silk headpiece by millinery student Bethany White.

Spartre, Old and New: A comparison of European and Japanese spartre by Rachel E. Pollock.

Melbourne Cup Carnival: 2018 Myer Fashions on the Field competition winners and new digital format.

Ribbon cutting advice.

Cover: Headpiece by Rebecca Share. Image by Daniel Pockett/Getty Images for the VRC

Download Issue 152

Millinery Meet-up 2018: A report from the popular American hat making event.

Hat of the Month: A vintage beaded bridal headpiece by Anna Gilder.

Double Diagonal Headband Trim: A folded Petersham headband tutorial by Jan Wutkowski.

Chapeau 2018: The annual hat and accessories trade show in Moscow, Russia.

Straw braid quilling advice.

Download Issue 151

An Interview with Jan Wutkowski: In conversation with American hat designer and Millinery Meet-up co-founder.

Hat of the Month: A pleated jinsin saucer hat by Nirali Rangwala of Maaneh Millinery in India.

Hats on the Catwalk: Faustina Amaefuna at the Anambra Fashion Show & Awards.

Straw Plait Flower Tutorial (Part 2): Recreate a 1960s straw flower ornament with costume expert Lynn McMasters.

Download Issue 150

Hat Week Australia: Peggy Stone reports back from Australia’s new millinery event.

Hat of the Month: A closer look at Laura Del Villaggio’s hummingbird cover hat.

Straw Plait Flower Tutorial – Part 1: Recreate a 1960s straw flower ornament with costume expert Lynn McMasters.

Birdcage Veiling Advice.

Download Issue 149

John Boyd MBE: Words of wisdom from the late Mr Boyd.

Hat of the Month: A Royal Ascot hat by Elaine Humble of Dimesso Designs.

The Millinery Association of Australia: New Patron and the 2018 Design Award Winners.

New Millinery Materials: A look at three innovative material ranges from LilyM Millinery Supplies.

Download Issue 148

The Suffragettes: Millennial rebels: Hats to celebrate women’s voting rights from milliner Claire Strickland.

Hat of the Month: A blocked veiling headpiece by Tina Hemlock Coyne of Elizabeth Christina Design.

The Diorabella Tutorial : Learn how to make a pleated jinsin hat with Australian milliner Catherine Ellen.

Queen’s Plate 2018: Looking ahead to Canada’s premier horse race with David Dunkley Fine Millinery.

Download Issue 147

Kentucky Derby 2018: Churchill Downs style report from Briana Mott of Fashion at the Races.

Hat of the Month: A sustainable golden halo by Chloë Haywood.

Come Rain or Come Shine: Two springtime hat walks in Spain.

Ribbon PomPom Tutorial: Make a velvet ribbon hat decoration with Lynn McMasters.

Tip: Curling goose biot feathers.

Download Issue 146

London Hat Week: Reporting back from LHW18.

Hat of the Month: An award winning Dubai World Cup headpiece by Charlotte Hudders.

How to Make Abaca Silk Leaves: A step-by-step guide from expert flower maker Anne Tomlin.

Rencontres Internationales du Chapeau: The winners of the 2018 Chazelle sur Lyon hat competition.

Download Issue 145

Monique: A profile of designer and marketing expert Monique Lee Hylands-White.

Hats of the Month: Spotlighting the winners of Ireland’s HATWALK 2018 Design Awards.

Feather Pom Pom Tutorial: An easy to follow feather tutorial by Lynn McMasters.

Melbourne International Millinery Competition: A look at this year’s MIMC winners.

Download Issue 144

Uncharted: An international fashion collaboration between Goorin Bros. and Hill Hats.

Hats of the Month: A closer look at the HATalk Competition winners and the people who made them.

Feather Burning Techniques: A step-by-step feather tutorial by Lynn McMasters.

How to secure headpieces discreetly.

Download Issue 143

SHAPOH.com: An interview with Suzy Buckley Woodward.

Hat of the Month: Another Melbourne Cup hat by Lisa Alexander Design.

Asociación de Sombrereros: Details of the Spanish Hat Association’s winter events.

Gathered Velvet Rose Tutorial: A quick and easy project by Lynn McMasters.

Advice on reviving feathers.

Download Issue 142

East Village Hats: An interview with Julia Emily Knox.

Hat of the Month: An award-winning hat by Australian milliner Carole Maher.

Block & Sew a Sinamay & Straw Hat: A hat making tutorial by Jenny Pfanenstiel of Formé Millinery.

Hattensdag 2017: A report from Norway’s millinery meet-up and Hat Day

Millinery wire guidance from Petershams Millinery Supplies.

Pantone 2018 Color of the Year

Download Issue 141

2017 Melbourne Cup Carnival: Australia’s foremost racing fashion event.

Hat of the Month: A multicultural headpiece by Kizzy McKeown.

Lomax & Skinner: An interview.

Felt Trilby Tutorial: A step-by-step project guide from Lomax & Skinner.

Book Review: Millinery, The Art of Hat-Making

Advice on curling felt brim edges.

Download Issue 140

Veronica Marucci Chapeaux: Handmade in Paris.

Hat of the Month: A Victorian reproduction by Sharon Panozzo.

How to Make a Silk Abaca bow: A tutorial by British milliner Justine Bradley-Hill.

Mut zum Hut: Ruth Eberz reports back from Neuburg an der Donau.


Download Issue 139

Herald & Heart: An interview with hat shop manager Sophie Dallison.

Hat of the Month: A double-brimmed felt hat by Cassandra Jackson.

Bridport Hat Festival 2017: Milliners and Hatters Open Competition winners.

Abaca Silk Rose Tutorial: A step-by-step guide from expert flower maker Anne Tomlin.

Handing Over the Braids: Hatters Millinery Supplies new ownership.

The British School of Millinery: Headdress Competition Winners.

Download Issue 138

Feather Fashions: Millinery & the Plume Trade.

Ethical Millinery: UK hat brand Warrillow goes vegan.

Vegan Feather Tutorial: Rachel Warrillow shows you how to make sinamay and fabric feathers.

Hat of the Month: A sinamay hat by Olushola Christine Adeyanju in Nigeria.

Les Estivales du Chapeau 2017: The winners of this year’s French hat making competition.

Advice on sourcing ethical millinery supplies.


Download Issue 137

The Hat Shop NYC: An interview with Linda Pagan.

Hat of the Month: A classic downturned sinamay hat by Rita Crosby.

2017 NHV Hat Competition: A close up look at the winning hats.

Lady Mary Hair Pin Tutorial: Denise Innes-Spencer’s step-by-step guide to making a bridal hair pin.

Where to buy millinery trimmings in New York City.

Download Issue 136

An interview with New York City milliner Ellen Christine Colon-Lugo.

Hat of the Month: An award-winning Kentucky Oaks headpiece by Cynthia Jones-Bryson.

Lallu Chic Fashion Show: Hania Bulczyńska’s stunning Polish catwalk event.

How to Make a Veiled Sinamay Cocktail Hat by Molly Bunce.

From Hearts to Hats: Denise Innes Spencer’s new tiara making book.

Instructions for making a wooden hat display stand.


Download Issue 135

Sew on the Go: A crafting adventure by Mary Jane Baxter.

Hat of the Month: A freeform felt piece by Ana Espina.

The Headwear Association: Reporting back from the 109th Annual Dinner in New York City.

Passejada amb Barret 2017: Strolling with a Hat in Barcelona.

Make an EVA Foam Orchid: Step-by-step instructions from expert maker Galina Kofod.

Hattin’ Around Hat Cases.