English actress and producer Naomi Watts is no stranger to the Venice Film Festival. However, the 75th Annual Festival marks the first time Watts finds herself at the jurors table.

The 12-day event, which wrapped up on September 8, required Watts to wear a plethora of outfits. From red carpet couture to off-duty looks, Watts wore it all in the almost two-week long whirlwind. Prior to the start of the Festival, Watts’ stylist, Jeanann Williams, teased that Watts’ Festival wardrobe would be all about hats and flats. And Williams didn’t lie.

Naomi Watts, Venice Film Festival

From the moment Watts stepped off the plane, we could tell that her outfits would not disappoint. She was an effortless dream in her blue pleated Giorgio Armani dress and oversized white blazer. To combat the Italian sun, she topped the look off with a Janessa Leone fedora. Casual, comfortable, simple – starting the Festival with a very envious look!

Later that day, she opted for lunch by the sea in the same Janessa Leone hat, only this time it was paired with a blue and white striped dress. We’ve talked about pairing the same hat with different looks before and Watts only proves the versatility that a simple hat can have.

A few days later, she wore a black Rochas dress with red flats and another Janessa Leone fedora. The two-tone brown hat was an unexpected choice with the rest of the outfit but it worked nicely. Perfect for a busy day of boat rides, parties and film viewings!

The next day, the same brown hat appeared. The look was boho chic, with her burgundy and white polka dot dress and Stella McCartney espadrilles.

She kissed the Venetian boat rides goodbye wearing yet another hat. Her Borsalino fedora paired perfectly with her blue blouse and red Miu Miu skirt. While the style was the same as most of the other hats she had sported over the past 12 days, the blue sash trimming made it different enough to stand out.

Watts embraced the Italian summer with her outfits this past week. She proved that fedoras are chic and can be worn with almost any look.

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