2019 HATalk Hat Making Competition

equilibrium: a state in which opposing forces or influences are balanced

For the 2019 HATalk Hat Making Competition, we challenged you to create an original hat or headpiece using the concept of equilibrium as the starting point for your design. This was an abstract theme which could be defined and interpreted in any number of ways. As always, we wanted you to be as creative as possible!

The First, Second, Third and Fourth place winners were chosen by our expert judges, who based their decisions on the following criteria:

  • Quality of workmanship
  • Originality of design
  • Theme interpretation

The Public Prize winner was chosen through an online vote.

The Prizes

The winners received the following prizes from our amazing industry partners…

First Place

Chateau Dumas

Enrolment on a 1-Week Residential Millinery Workshop at Chateau Dumas

This prize includes chateau accommodation (7 nights), all meals (except one dinner which is taken at a restaurant at guests’ cost), 5 days of full-time tuition on a 2020 or 2021 Chateau Dumas millinery workshop of the winner’s choice (subject to availability), as well as local trips to markets and hat factories. Chateau Dumas is an elegant 18th century chateau and estate near Toulouse in southwest France. Lying at the heart of French hat-making, Chateau Dumas is a centre for millinery and other creative residential workshops, including textiles and themed weeks.

Not included in the prize are flights to Toulouse, airport transfers and millinery materials (foundation materials, however, are included). The free enrollment must be taken on one of the 2020 or 2021 workshops (subject to availability of a place). This prize was worth approximately 2250€ (EUR) at the time of publishing. The exact value is subject to change. This prize is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged or substituted for its cash value.



Second Place

Guy Morse-Brown Hat Blocks Ltd

£250 Guy Morse-Brown Hat Blocks Voucher

A £250 (GBP) voucher to spend at Guy Morse-Brown Hat Blocks Ltd. Voucher may be used toward shipping costs and will expire on December 31, 2019.


Parkin Fabrics

£250 Parkin Fabrics Voucher

A £250 (GBP) credit to spend at Parkin Fabrics. Credit may be used toward shipping costs and for multiple orders.


M&S Schmalberg

Custom Fabric Flowers from M&S Schmalberg

A selection of handmade fabric flowers from New York City flower specialist M&S Schmalberg. This prize is worth approximately $180 (USD) and free shipping is included. The selected flowers will be at the sole discretion of M&S Schmalberg and cannot be exchanged or substituted for their cash value.


Third Place

The Trimming Company

£150 The Trimming Company Voucher

A £150 (GBP) voucher for The Trimming Company. Voucher may be used toward shipping costs.


Torb & Reiner

Millinery Materials from Torb & Reiner

A selection of quality hat making materials from Australian millinery supplier Torb & Reiner. This prize is worth approximately $200 (AUD) with free shipping. The materials included will be at the sole discretion of Torb & Reiner and cannot be exchanged or substituted for their cash value.



£25 How2hats Voucher

The winner will be emailed a £25 (GBP) voucher to spend at How2hats, publishers of over 30 books, ebooks and DVDs on the art of hat and fascinator making for beginners and seasoned milliners alike. Voucher can be used toward shipping costs.