On Monday night, the Council of Fashion Designers of America, otherwise known as the CFDA, hosted its annual awards ceremony in the Brooklyn Museum. Heralded as the highest honor in fashion, this star studded event celebrated the talented contributions made in the American fashion industry.

Fashion designers, models, actors, actresses, influencers and musicians dressed in their finest red carpet fashion attended the prestigious event. And while most attendees opted for gowns, mini dresses and jumpsuits, one celebrity stood out in the crowd for a particular reason.

Whoopi Goldberg at the 2018 CFDA Awards

Whoopi Goldberg (above), an American actress, comedian and television host, went with a bold look for the coveted fashion awards. Designed by Christian Siriano, Goldberg made eyes pop with this hot pink ensemble. The puffed sleeves paired with the big belt and wide leg trousers reminded us of 80s fashion, except with a modern twist. And having the entire outfit the exact same shade of pink allowed the look to feel loud but not busy.

Goldberg was not the only guest who walked the carpet in a bright colored ensemble. Actress Issa Rae went with a fitted lime green pantsuit for the occasion. Even though other stars followed the same trend, however, Goldberg’s hat is what made her look different from everybody else’s. The wide-brimmed hat gave the look a dramatic edge, without sacrificing the relaxed vibe created by the slouchy suit. Without the hat, she wouldn’t have been engulfed in hot pink, which in turn would eliminate the wow factor that this look has.

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In an interview with Paper Magazine about the thought process behind this outfit, designer Christian Siriano (pictured above with Goldberg) said, “I was just like, ‘Hey, you wanna wear a fuchsia pink suit and a big hat?’ And she wrote me back and was like, ‘Yes I’ll see you there.’”

While Whoopi Goldberg may have already earned herself an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony, we think she deserves another award for being bold, experimenting with fashion and making a statement.

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