Last season, we watched as designer Marc Jacobs and milliner Stephen Jones collaborated to bring us a vibrant runway show full of ruffles, feathers and tulle. Now, with another fashion season in full-swing, the dynamic pair has teamed up yet again.

Being Jacobs’ Fall 2019 Ready-to-Wear creations, the New York Fashion Week collection featured cooler colors and heavier materials. Models were dressed in oversized coats, thick dresses and heavy scarves. But amongst the density, was silk, feathers and tulle – an allusion to collections of the past.

While it was Jacobs’ show, Jones made the hats stand out. Most of the models had some sort of creation on their heads. Whether it was a simple wool cap or an eye-catching piece, hats were definitely a large part of the collection.

Marc Jacobs and Stephen Jones, New York Fashion Week - A/W19

Like confetti out of a cannon, bouquets of pointed feathers shot out of the top of many of the knit caps. Through these designs, Jones was able to give the models more height. Adding inches to model Karlie Kloss’s already dominate stature, onlookers were given more to admire.

Marc Jacobs and Stephen Jones, New York Fashion Week A/W19

Other hats featured a single pointed feather, like the one seen on model Sasha Knysh. It was a modern, winter take on a classic Robin Hood hat. Simple but unique enough to make your eye move between the shimmering pantsuit, blue tulle bow and navy cap.

Marc Jacobs and Stephen Jones, New York Fahsion Week A/W19

And then there were the beanies. Some black, some green, some purple, some blue with nothing but the material to make them stand out. No trimmings, embellishments or other details.

Why would a master milliner like Jones create such basic designs for such a dramatic show? Maybe because it is easier for us to imagine ourselves wearing these looks. Throwing on the green beanie to head to the grocery story or covering our hair with the black beanie on a snowy night. Let’s face it, a beanie with a slip dress is a pretty cool look.

For years Jacobs and Jones have collaborated to create collections that capture our hearts and our wardrobes. Will a Stephen Jones beanie make it into your winter wardrobe next year?

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