Caroline Sinclair – United Kingdom


Category: Modern


My inspiration for this piece of Modern Headwear is Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 Film “The Birds”. The original novelette was written by British author Daphne du Maurier and is about a community attacked by flocks of birds.

I wanted to create a fusion between the retro visual of the movie and modern hat making techniques. Although the movie was produced in colour, many of the original posters and visuals were monochrome.

The design consists of an ivory parasisal straw base trimmed with ivory silk roses. The hat has been finished with black handcut felt birds. I wanted the silk roses to represent fluffy clouds with the birds circling in the sky above.


  • Silk Roses
  • Para-sisal Straw
  • Felt
  • Brim Reed
  • Ribbon


  • Three Dimensional Forming
  • Drawing
  • Cutting Work

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